Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Members Only jacket, The Classic shirt, Zara pants, Rock & Republic flats, Forever 21 earrings, Urban Decay Venom lipstick

This month has been rough. I've had a ton of work to do and the blog has fallen behind a bit. No worries though! I have some fun posts planned for the weeks to come and I hope you all will stay tuned.

I took these photos on a relatively nice spring day. This outfit reminds me so much of my time in Italy.for a few reasons. First, I actually purchased the pants in Italy during one of my many trips to Zara. I was drawn in by the gorgeous hue and knew that they would be the perfect way to add a subtle dose of color to my wardrobe. Second, this jacket was a staple for me while I was living abroad. It is light enough for a cooler spring day and works well as a layer over lighter jackets and sweaters. Lately, these two pieces have become some closet essentials and I love reaching for them whenever I can't figure out what to wear.



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