Monday, April 25, 2016

two days in paris.

The Parisian skyline.
Don't mind if I do!

The first (but certainly not the last) creperie I visited.

My first crepe in Paris! This buckwheat flour crepe with a perfectly over easy egg was the ideal start to my day.

Sacre Coeur looking majestic.

Crepe #2 was a lovely lemon, butter, and sugar number.

The Montmartre neighborhood stole my heart.

Notre Dame looks magnifique!

The perfect afternoon snack - a cool glass of milk and the cutest raspberry tart.
I made it to the Love Wall!
I didn't go into the Louvre, but I enjoyed walking around the park outside.
The highlight of my trip! Standing in front of the Eiffel Tower was surreal.
I had to go with a chocolate lava cake for dessert on night 1.
One of the most charming locations in Paris!
Instead of relaxing on a beach or living it up in some tropical destination, I decided to book a ticket to France for spring break. I spent two days in Paris before taking the train to Lyon for another two days. It was, without a doubt, one of the most magical trips I've ever taken. I saw some amazing places, ate wonderful food, and experienced the beauty of French culture.

My first two days in Paris were incredible. I sat inside Sacre Coeur and gazed in awe at the majestic architecture and designs. I wandered through the streets of Montmartre and discovered the coolest pop-up shops and boutiques (and yes, I did some shopping). I stood in front of the Eiffel Tower and lived out all my Monte Carlo and French Kiss inspired dreams. In short, I had a memorable time wherever I went.

As for food, I unleashed my inner foodie and sampled the best that Paris had to offer. In addition to downing my fair share of freshly baked baguettes, I savored everything from a raspberry tart and a traditional lemon and sugar crepe to a specialty buckwheat flour crepe and a perfectly roasted chicken dinner. Paris definitely spoiled me with delicious food.

I can now understand why so many people are enamored by the City of Lights. With its glowing ambiance and natural charm, it truly is one of the star cities of Europe. Che magnifique!



P.S. Stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip to France. You'll never believe the adventures I had in Lyon!

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