Wednesday, September 11, 2013

ciao roma.

Ok, so this is not actually Rome.  It's from my last day in the south, but it's a beautiful pic of olive trees!

One more south pic:  a castle-like restaurant surrounded by an olive grove.

Dinner at La Carbonara

A beautiful street corner.

This was at an art museum/sculpture yard.

A lovely sidewalk near the Trevi Fountain.

The Trevi Fountain is actually the most gorgeous place I've ever visited.  I felt like Lizzie McGuire when I made my wish!

I found this cute leather shop near the fountain. The owner (above) offered to stamp initials into some luggage tags my friends bought for free!

Rome is officially my new favorite place on the planet.  As a part of my escapade through Italia, I got the chance to stay in the lovely city for a few days and explore all it had to offer.  I hit many of the main tourist spots although I'm sure I missed quite a few!  My top spots include:  the Trevi Fountain, which is really as gorgeous as it looks; Giolitti Gelateria, aka the best gelateria in the history of mankind with whipped cream to die for; and La Carbonara, which you have to visit if you want to try the best pasta carbonara you'll ever eat.  I'm definitely in love.



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