Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the latest bites.

Sugar cookies with homemade butter frosting and dark chocolate shavings


The most amazing apple cake ever with pears, hazelnuts, and dark chocolate in the center

Pasta with cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic

Apples stuffed with a brown sugar and butter crumble

Antipasti plate of taralli, Gorgonzola, and pomegranate seeds
One of the best parts of living in Italy has been cooking with fresh produce and local ingredients.  I love having weekly dinners with friends.  We always manage to come up with something new and delicious.  The apple cake above is possibly my favorite recipe of all time.  I learned how to make it in a cooking class and have been obsessed with the combination of apples, pears, hazelnuts and dark chocolate ever since.  Another favorite of mine is tiramisu, which, lucky for me, my Italian friend knows how to make perfectly.  I will definitely post recipes soon!



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