Monday, August 24, 2015

jewelry d.i.y. upgrades.

Easiest DIY ever - all I had to do was string a few beads onto a pair of plain hoop earrings.

Do you ever get to that point where you've worn a piece of jewelry so much that it loses its appeal? When this feeling hit me recently, I decided it was time to upcycle a few of my admittedly cheap baubles into something that looked good again.

First up were the earrings (pictured above). I got these hoops at Claire's forever ago and realized I haven't worn them in a while. They were just too basic! To give them a bit of boho flair, I beaded on a few beads I got in a glass bead box from Michael's a while back. Poof! New earrings in an instant.

The original pieces: a stack of tired rings from H&M and a well-loved necklace from Forever 21 with a discolored chain.
The finished products.

For craft number two, I repurposed a stack of H&M rings. These were gold, but I wore them so much that they faded to a burnished bronze. I love this look, but I'm not a fan of the gray band they leave around my finger.

The two single band bracelets were easy to assemble. For the black and white one, I cut a thin strip of cloth from an old t-shirt, looped the ends around the ring, and sewed the ends to close it off. As for the plain black one, I braided some black embroidery thread, knotted the ends around a ring, snipped any excess thread, and secured everything with a bit of clear nail polish.
The gold and black bracelet was also simple. I braided two strips of gold fabric with the t-shirt fabric from before. I then knotted the ends around a ring to finish it.

The big fabric bracelet on the right was slightly more complicated, but still pretty easy. I began by twisting two pieces of fabric together. Then I slipped five rings onto the fabric. After that, I unevenly wrapped black embroidery thread around the whole bracelet to secure it and tie it closed. Voila! Another DIY bracelet achieved.
Remember that worn "gold" necklace from before? Here it is now.
I knew I couldn't get rid of the lightning bolt necklace, since it reminds me of Harry Potter. So, I braided the chain with black embroidery thread, knotted it off at the ends, and turned it into a bracelet. The chain fits perfectly around my wrist when wrapped three times. I love how the little lightning bolt charm dangles off the bracelet!

What do you think? Do you upcycle or DIY anything?



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