Monday, February 22, 2016

top beauty youtubers.

While Twitter is undoubtedly my favorite social media platform (if you're not following me, check out my page here), YouTube is a close runner-up. I love how visual and informative YouTube videos are. To be more specific, I'm obsessed with the slightly overwhelming number of makeup and beauty videos on the site. Over the past few years, I've come to trust and follow the opinions of a number of beauty vloggers. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites.

#1. Tanya Burr
Tanya (pictured above) was the first beauty YouTuber I discovered. I found her videos shortly after she began posting and have been following her ever since. Her makeup looks suit my skin tone perfectly and I love hearing about her product reviews. Plus, because she used to be an independent makeup artist, I really trust her opinions.

#2. FleurDeForce
Fleur is another British beauty YouTuber that I've come to love watching. My favorite videos are her product empties and disappointing products ones. She is great at describing products and scents. Plus, we have similar skin types, so I trust a lot of her skincare reviews.

#3. Ingrid Nilsen
Surprisingly enough, Ingrid is one of the only American YouTubers I follow. Her hair color and skin tone are pretty similar to mine, so I like seeing her many makeup looks. However, I also really like her fashion videos. She does a good job of combining the relaxed Cali vibe with the chic NY one. Plus, she never shies away from bold lip color!

#4. EleventhGorgeous
Tracy and Stephanie of EleventhGorgeous are two of the funniest and happiest YouTubers I watch. My favorite thing about them is that they always stick to more affordable brands. I love watching their drugstore hauls and tutorials. They try a wide range of products and always share their honest opinions.

#5. HelloOctoberxo
HelloOctoberxo is the most recent addition to my subscription list. I love Suzie's makeup and fashion style. She feels very relatable in her videos. My favorite uploads are her "Get Ready With Me" ones. She goes through every step of the process, from moisturizing and makeup to clothing and jewelry.

Do you watch any beauty YouTubers? I'd love to hear who your favorites are!



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