Monday, March 28, 2016

weekend in the dolomites.

My first day in the mountains!

Snack break at a cute restaurant. Needed some warm tea and sweet cake!

The scenery was unreal.

From where I stand - cross country skiing for the first time!

Look at those mountains! On the way down from the ski lift.

The view from my hotel window. Gorgeous!

I might not be a 5 star skier, but I had a blast skiing in the Dolomites.
Recently I had the opportunity to spend a winter weekend in the Dolomites. In case you don't know, the Dolomite Mountains are a stunning mountain range located in the very north of Italy. Not only are they a prime ski destination, but they are also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After visiting them, I one hundred percent agree with that title. The location is magnificent!

I spent my time in the small town of Campestrin, which is everything you imagine when you think of a European ski town. The buildings were wooden and candy-colored. There were ski rental shops and cute cafes on every corner. People strolled the streets in snow gear, with skis or snowboards in hand. In short, it was the stuff that winter vacation dreams are made of.

I went skiing, ice skating, and cross country skiing during my time in the mountains. I also feasted on rich Italian hot chocolate, delicious cakes, and soul-warming pasta dishes. Driving back home at the end of the weekend was tough, but I'll never forget my magical experience in the Dolomites!



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