Monday, November 23, 2015

favorite shoes for fall.

Clockwise from top center: Forever 21 black flats, MixIt leopard flats, Me Too heels, Converse sneakers, So black flats, B.O.C. leather boots, G by Guess biker boots, American Eagle moccasins

Disclaimer: These are all the shoes I packed for my extended stint in Europe (plus my Nike sneakers, flip flops, and slippers). However, they are also all shoes that I love in general and that I chose to bring with me for a good reason. They are the perfect fall to winter transition shoes!

To start, I have two pairs of black flats. Flats are my preferred shoes for everyday, and black ones match with everything. The pointed toe ones from Forever 21 are my absolute favorites and are surprisingly good quality for a fast fashion style.

My other favorites are my pointed toe leopard print flats that I scored for cheap at Kohl's. If my blog title didn't give it away, I'm a bit of a leopard print aficionado. Leopard is a neutral in my wardrobe.

I also think a pair of comfy flats is essential for fall fashion. Moccasins are ideal because they are soft and, hopefully, lined with fur or some warm material. They're basically like walking around in slippers. My other comfy shoe go-to is my pair of Converse. I got these right before I left for Italy, since my beloved black ones were dead. These are silvery-gold leather and I love them so much!

Last but not least we have a pair of heels and two pairs of boots. Black heels are my favorite for fall and winter because they go with everything and look nice with tights. While the ones I brought are a bit shorter than my standard heel, I love the old-fashioned style and the gold band on the heel.

As for boots, I think a pair of biker boots is key during the fall. This is my second pair of this style, since I wore through the first pair on my last trip to Italy (see here!). They are so sturdy and comfortable, and I highly recommend them to everyone. The other boots were a surprise score from TJ Maxx. I love the sturdy leather and the wearable heel.

Overall, I think fall requires comfortable, yet fashionable footwear. Flats are key for everyday looks. Add the requisite pair of sneakers and heels, plus a few good pairs of boots, and you'll be all set for a stylish season!



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