Monday, November 9, 2015

three travel abroad fashion tips.

My much-loved Nine West suitcase and a few of the pieces I packed.
Since this is my second go-around with traveling abroad for an extended period of time, I consider myself something of a packing pro. I always refuse to pay for a second suitcase on an international flight, so I have to fit all of my clothing essentials into one suitcase. What's more, my clothes have to work for me on a variety of occasions and throughout multiple seasons.

I'm currently a month into my extended trip to Italy, so I thought I'd share a few packing pointers that have helped me to make the most of a limited wardrobe.

1. Stick to one color palette. 

When you have to operate on a small closet, it's important to consider whether all your pieces go together. Before I threw anything (and by that I mean meticulously rolled everything) into my suitcase, I made sure that all of my tops and bottoms were interchangeable with one another. That way, I can create a ton of outfits without having to worry about repeating the same looks every week.

2. Think about your schedule.

The first time I traveled abroad was for study, so I was able to get away with packing casual clothing. This time, however, I knew I would be in a more professional setting. Although leaving behind my slouchy tees and favorite ripped jeans was hard, I'm happy with the wardrobe I brought. By only bringing nice, classy items with me, I never have to worry about looking less than presentable.

3. Remember the seasons.

This has probably been my biggest packing dilemma. When I was last in Italy, I didn't have to worry about the winter chills because I knew I would be gone before Christmas. Because I'm abroad for a longer amount of time now, I faced quite a challenge when it came to packing. Although it was warm when I arrived, the increasingly cool weather has made me thankful for all the scarves, sweaters, and thick socks I brought. Also, while I don't recommend packing a huge jacket, a light one that can be worn over layers is highly advised. On the other side of the spectrum, don't forget to pack a swimsuit and a skirt or two. You never know where your travels will take you!

What do you think? Have you had to survive on only a suitcase before? I'd love to hear your tips!



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