Monday, November 30, 2015

a weekend in bologna.

Tired from a day of travel and ready to dig into some tasty pasta!
Gnocchi with a classic Bolognese ragu sauce.

Dark chocolate filled croissants and cappuccinos for breakfast.

Best burger of my life: fresh meat on a black bun with fried squash blossoms, bacon, and pumpkin hash. Roasted potato on the side with homemade ketchup and mustard. Talk about yummo!

I Due Torri in the distance.

Love the fresh fruit and vegetable markets in Bologna!

These twinkle lights made me so happy!
After a month in Italy under my belt, I figured it was time to venture out a bit and head back to the city that made me fall in love with Italy in the first place. Bologna will always hold a special place in my heart, not only because it was my first home away from home in Italy, but also because it has such a warm atmosphere and amazing food!

I started my culinary journey off with a massive plate of gnocchi al ragu from Mercato dei Mezzi. The sauce is a Bolognese staple, so I knew it would be hard to go wrong. On day two, I began with a chocolate cornetto and a perfectly made cappuccino at ITIT Cafe. Delish! Lunch was undoubtedly the best meal of the trip. The Covo Burger (above) from Jukebox Cafe is hands down the best burger I've ever eaten. Adding pumpkin hash and bacon makes everything taste amazing!

Aside from my food experiences, I spent a lot of time wandering through the city streets. The shops were bustling and the streets were packed with people on their weekends strolls. All in all, I was charmed yet again by the city at the heart of Italy.



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