Monday, August 12, 2013

gelato and other things.

Wearing Burberry glasses, Passport shirt.  Eating Pasticiotto and Cioccolato con croccante gelato.
Fresh bread with cheese, salami, grape tomatoes, and oil

Pasta with tuna, mozzarella, and red pepper flakes

A calligraphy display from a cool bookstore I visited.

Beautiful Italian leather bags

Italy just keeps getting better and better.  The food is amazing.  I'm pretty sure it's impossible to have a bad meal here.  Today I went into the town center and bought my second gelato.  There were so many flavors and it was incredibly hard to decide on just two.  Of course, it does give me an incentive to get some more!  I also stopped by this beautiful bookstore that sold journals and leather bags.  Everything was absolutely gorgeous and rich-looking.  I could've stayed there, gelato in hand, for quite some time.



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