Saturday, August 10, 2013

intro to italia.

Paper Crane shirt, DGNY skirt, Tommy Hilfiger sandals, Nine West purse, Burberry glasses

Forever 21 ring, Pulsar watch, Gifted bracelet

Revlon Revlon Red polish
Una piazza centrale
Fresh bread with tuna, EVOO, olives, and red pepper flakes
 Guys I'm here!  I'm actually in Italy!  I've been so excited about this trip for months and it has finally happened.  Everything is amazing.  I'm staying in this cute little area that comes alive at night.  Everything is absolutely beautiful and, of course, the food is delicious.  The best part of all though is the fashion.  Italians have such a unique and refined sense of fashion.  They know what looks good and rock it in the streets.  I'm so inspired and I can't wait to start incorporating some of their looks into my own style.



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