Monday, November 14, 2016

the color mustard.

American Eagle leather jacket and denim jacket (underneath), TJ Maxx shirt, H&M pants, gifted scarf, Mudd boots, gifted socks, Aeropostale earrings, Burberry glasses

First of all, can I just say how much I love this jacket? I've worn it potentially too much recently (like here and here). It's the perfect layering piece though, so I don't really feel bad about repeating it so much. #sorrynotsorry

That isn't my main focus this post, but I noticed the jacket in some of my recent pictures and felt the need to mention it.

Back to the point: these pants. I feel like a lot of people are love/hate on the color mustard. Personally, I used to hate it. Not only did I dislike the way it looked in outfits, but I was also turned off by the color in general. That was until I discovered this sweater. Since then, I've done a complete 180 and fallen in love with the yellow-toned hue. You know it's love when it ranks close to oxblood, perhaps my all-time favorite shade to wear.

I scouted out these pants in Italy at the beginning of this year. I own the same ones in black (although the construction is slightly different on these new ones), and love them. Of course, when you really love something, you either wear it to death, buy multiples, or both. That was me with the black pants. So now I have them in two shades and I couldn't be happier.

Plus, mustard pants go excellently with leather jackets :)



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